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Forestart collects a range of wildflower and grass seed directly from meadows throughout Britain. Collections are made from both limestone and lowland meadows using environmentally friendly methods.

We also produce seed in cultivation from first generation wild stock of British origin. This seed is used to produce meadow mixes to suit the main soil types. Other mixes are suitable for hedgerows, farm headlands, woodlands, ponds and heathland.

Each batch is harvested, dried and stored at -40C, this ensures germination is as high as possible. In our lab. we then test the germination rates to guarantee the quality of the seed.

To enhance and enrich grassland we supply a range of individual species of wildflower either as seed, or as plants from our own production of plugs. Plugs are particularly useful for species that are difficult to establish in grassland (e.g. Cowslip), or heathland (e.g. heather).

For customers who have specific provenance requirements, we offer a contract collection service. This allows us to be as specific as the customer requires, whether this is for the mix to be of British provenance, or from a specific county or even from a specific field.

The 2014 harvest allows us to offer 4 mixes.

Meadow mix :  50% grasses and 50% wild flower seed

Enhanced Meadow  :  20% grasses and 80% wild flowers

Enhanced Field Margin and Hedgerow mix  :  12% grasses, 88% wild flowers

Annual Corn Field Mix   :   consisting of 5 colourful annuals 

  •     45% Corn Cockle
  •     20% Corn Marigold
  •     15% Cornflower
  •     10% Corn Chamomile
  •     10% Poppy


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