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English name Latin name LoD N UK Description
Abies alba Fir, European silver SD - - Large tree with smooth grey bark when young. Leaves 2-3cm long, in 2 horizontal ranks. Cones cylindrical, 10-16cm long. Subject to injury from late spring frosts.
Abies amabalis Fir, Red silver SD - - Large tree; silvery-white bark when young and small resinous winter buds. Leaves 2-3cm long, smell of oranges when crushed; crowded on upper sides of branchlets. Cones 8-15cm long. Unsitable for chalky or dry soils.
Abies balsamea Fir, balsam SD - - Medium tree, not well adapted to our climate. Winter buds very resinous. Leaves 1.3-3cm long.  Cones 6-10cm long, violet-purple when young.
Abies concolor Fir, Colorada white SD - - Beautiful large tree with smooth grey bark, grooved and scaly on old trees. Leaves up to 5.5cm long, thick, blue-green or grey-green. Cones 8-14cm long, pale green when young.
Abies fraseri Fir SD - - Medium tree with slender, conical crown. Leaves 1-2cm long crowded on upper sides of twigs. Cones 3-5cm long, purple when young. Prone to disease.
Abies grandis Fir, Giant SD - - Fast-growing large tree. Leaves 2-6cm long, delightfully fragrant when crushed. Cones 7.5-10cm long. Prefers moist but well drained soil. Good shade tolerance, moderately lime-tolerant.
Abies koreana Fir, Korean SD - - Small, slow-growing tree of neat habit. Leaves 1-2cm long, dark green above, gleaming white beneath. Violet-purple, cylindrical cones, 5-7.5cm long, produced even on very small specimens.
Abies lasiocarpa arizonica Fir, Cork SD - - Medium tree with greyish or buff-coloured, shortly pubescent branchlets and thick, soft, corky bark. Leaves 2.5-3.5cm long, silver-grey. Cones smaller.
Abies magnifica Fir, Californian red SD - - Large tree, slender cone-shaped habit. Whitish bark when young. Leaves 2-4cm long, curved, grey- or blue-green. Cones 15-22cm long, purple when young. Not suitable for chalk soils.
Abies nobilis/procera Fir, Noble SD - - Beautiful large tree. Leaves 2.5-3.5cm long, bluish-green above, crowd uppers sides of banchlets, pectinate and decurved below. Magnificant cylindrical cones 16-25cm long.
Abies nordmanniana Fir, Caucasian SD - - Noble species, great ornamental value. Large to very large tree; tiered branches sweeping downwards. Winter buds reddish brown. Leaves 2-3cm long, shining green above. Cones 15-20cm long. Generally disease resistant.
Abies pinsapo Fir, Spanish SD - - Medium to large tree with short, rigid dark green leaves up to 1.5cm long which radiate from all sides of the brachlets. Cones 10-15cm long. Suitable for chalk soils.
Araucaria araucana Pine, Chile/Monkey Puzzle ND - - Medium/large tree with long spidery branches and densely overlapping, rigid, spine-tipped dark green leaves. Cones globular, 11-18cm long, take 3 years to mature. Excellent wind resister grows best on moist loamy soil.
Cedrus atlantica Cedar, Atlas SD - - Large tree, grows rapidly when young. Leaves 2-3.5cm long, green or grey-green, thickly covering the long branches. Cones 5-7cm long. Branches somewhat ascending at first, eventually assume horizontal arrangement.
Cedrus atlantica glauca Cedar, Blue SD - - Leaves silvery-blue, extremently effective. Prehaps the most spectacular of all "blue" conifers.
Cedrus deodara Deodar SD - - Large tree of somewhat pendent habit. Leaves are glaucous when young, soon deep green. Has drooping leader and long leaves, up to 5cm long. Cones 7-10cm long.
Cedrus libani Cedar of Lebanon SD - - Large, wide-spreading tree. Conical when young, gradually assuming picturesque, flat topped and tiered arrangement of the mature tree. Leaves green or greyish-green, 2-3.5cm long. Cones 8-10cm long.
Chamaecyparis lawsoniana Cypress, Lawson PC - -
Chamaecyparis obtusa Cypress, Hinoki PC - - Large tree of broad, conical habit. Branches spreading horizontally, foliage deep shining green, in unequal pairs of blunt-tipped leaves. Held to be sacred by followers of the Shinto faith.
Cryptomeria japonica Cedar, Japanese PC - - Large, fast-growing, broadly columnar tree with reddish shredding bark and spreading or decurved branches. Leaves awl-shaped, densely crowded on long, slender branchlets. Thrives best in moist soils.
Cupressus arizonica Cypress, Smooth Arizona SD - - Small to medium tree of dense conical or broadly columnar habit with grey and brown, stringy and slightly ridged bark.Foliage green. Cones 1-2.5cm across, globose.
Cupressus macrocarpa Cypress, Monterey PC - -
Ginkgo biloba Tree, Maidenhair ND - - Small to large deciduous tree, conical when young. Fan-shaped, undivided leaves which turn clear yellow in autumn. Hardy and suitable for most soils. Tolerant of industrial areas.
Juniperus communis Juniper, Common DD 36 Y Medium/large shrub. Silver backed leaves prickly to touch arranged in whorls of 3. Fruits rounded 5-6m across, black with bloom. Ripening during 2nd/3rd year, used to flavour gin.  Plentiful on chalk downs of S. England.
Larix decidua Larch, European/Common PC - - Large tree. Slender cone-shaped crown when young. Branches & branchlets droop on old trees. Shoots yellowish/grey, glabrous. Rosette leaves 1.5-3.5cm long, light green. Cones ovoid 2-4cm. Important afforestation tree.
Larix decidua var sudetica Larch, European PC - - Large tree. Slender, cone-shaped crown when young. Branches & branchlets droop on old trees. Shoots yellowish/grey, glabrous. Rosette leaves 1.5-3.5cm long, light green. Cones ovoid 2-4cm. Important afforestation tree.
Larix leptolepis/Kaempferi Larch, Japanese SD - - Vigorous, large tree with reddish shoots. Leaves 2-3.5cm long, sea-green, broader than L. decidua. Cones ovoid, 2-3cm long. Used extensively for afforestation, withstanding exposure well.
Larix x eurolepis Larch, Hybrid SD - - Vigorous, large tree of great commercial value. L. decidua x L. leptolepis. Important hybrid forest tree, less susceptible to disease than L. decidua.
Libocedrus decurrens Cedar, Incense PC - - Large tree with conical head of spreading branches in the wild state. Cultivated trees have characteristic columnar habit. Dark green leaves are crowded into dense, fan-like sprays. Cones ovoid, pendent, up to 2.5cm long.
Metasequoia glyptostroboides Redwood, Dawn PC - - Strong, rapid growing deciduous tree. Conical when young, shaggy cinnamon-brown bark. Leaves on short branchlets resemble a pinnate feathery leaf. Bright green then gold. Cones 15-20mm across. Good ornamental.
Picea abies Spruce, Norway PC - - Popular Christmas tree and extensively used for afforestaion; white or cream-coloured wood. Leaves 1-2.5cm long, shining green, densely clothing upper sides of branchlets, pectine below. Cones cylindrical 10-15cm long.
Picea breweriana Spruce, Brewer's weeping PC - - One of the most popular ornamental conifers. Small/medium, broadly conical tree; spreading or decurved branches from which hang slender, tail-like branchlets 1.8-2.5m long. Leaves 3cm long, shining dark blue-green.
Picea engelmanii Spruce, Engelmann PC - - Small to medium tree with pale yellow-brown young shoots. Leaves 4-angled, 1.5-2.5cm long, sharply pointed greyish-green, emitting a pungent odour when bruised. Cones 7.5cm long.
Picea glauca Spruce, White PC - - Large tree of dense conical habit. Decurved branches ascending at the tips. Leaves 4-angled, to 20mm long, glaucous green; foetid odour when bruised. Cones to 6cm long. Very hardy, useful in cold, exposed positions.
Picea mariana Spruce, Black PC - - Medium, rather narrowly conical tree with brown, densely hairy yound shoots. Leaves to 12mm long, dark bluish-green, densely crowding the upper surfaces of the branchlets. Cones 3.5cm long produced in large quantities.
Picea omorika Spruce, Serbian PC - - Beautiful, adaptable spruce, quickly forming a tall, graceful tree relatively short, drooping branches. Leaves 1-2cm long. Cones 4-6cm long, bluish-black when young. One of the best spruces for industrial areas & chalk soil.
Picea orientalis Spruce, Oriental PC - - Large, densely branched tree of broadly conical habit; branches to ground level. Leaves to 8mm long, dark shining green. One of the best and most adaptable species in cultivation.
Picea pungens glauca Spruce, Colorado blue PC - - Medium to large tree with glaucous leaves. Leaves tend to lose their intensity as they age. Variable form.
Picea pungens glauca majestica Spruce, Colorado blue NPC - - Medium to large tree with glaucous leaves. Leaves tend to lose their intensity as they age. Variable majestic form.
Picea sitchensis Spruce, Sitka PC - - Fast-growing large tree primarily of economic importance. Leaves 18mm long rigid, sharply pointed. Cones 10cm long. Does well in damp sites. Important afforestation tree; the most commonly planted conifer for this in UK.
Pinus aristata Pine, Bristlecone PC - -
Pinus banksiana Pine, Jack PC - - Very hardy tree, medium size, occasionally gnarled and shrubby. Leaves in pairs to 5cm long. Adaptable to most soils except shallow chalk, good in moist soils. Recognised by crooked branches and uneven cones.
Pinus cembra Pine, Arolla DD  28 - Small/medium ornamental tree of dense conical habit. Leaves in 5s, 5-8cm long densely crowded, blue-green with blue-white inner surfaces. Cones deep blue, never open; seeds liberated when scales rot/by squirrels/birds.
Pinus contorta Pine, Lodgepole/Beach PC - - Medium to large tree with short branches. Leaves in pairs or clusters. Not adaptable to chalky soils, but suitable for light stony or sandy land. Vigorous species, used for fixing sand dunes in maritime areas.
Pinus densiflora Pine, Japanese Red PC - - Medium to large tree. Leaves in pairs, to 12cm long, twisted. Cones shortly-stalked, solitary or in clusters of 2-3, to 5cm long.
Pinus excelsa/wallichiana Pine, Bhutan PC - - Elegant large, broad-headed tree. Leaves in 5s, to 20cm long, blue-green, drooping. Graceful foliage and ornamental, resin-smeared, pendent cones. Moderately lime tolerant; not recommended for shallow chalk soils.
Pinus jeffreyi Pine PC - - Large imposing tree with conical or spire-like crown. Young shoots stout, glaucous. Leaves in 3s, to 22cm long, dull bluish-green/pale grey, crowded towards end of branchlets. Cones terminal and spreading, 13-20cm long.
Pinus mugo mughus Pine, Mountain PC - - Hardy large shrub/small tree of dense, bushy habit. Leaves in pairs, 3-4cm long, rigid and curved, dark green. Cones solitary or in clusters to 6cm long. Variable species; all succeed in almost all soils. Lime tolerant.
Pinus mugo pumilio Pine, Mountain PC - - A dwarf form, often prostrate, but occasionally reaching 2m.
Pinus mugo rostrata/uncinata Pine, Mountain PC - - A splendid dense, bushy, broadly conical, medium sized tree for creating shelter against the coldest winds. Succeeding in all types of soil including shallow chalk soils.
Pinus muricata Pine, Bishop PC - - Picturesque tree, forms dense flat head of branches. Leaves in pairs, to 15cm long. Cones solitary or in clusters; remain unopened for years (liberated by forest fires in the wild). Suitable for exposed areas.
Pinus nigra austriaca Pine, Austrian PC - - Commonly planted large tree; rough bark, dense head of large branches. Leaves in pairs 8-12cm long. Cones to 8cm. Excellent for maritime areas, tolerant of most soils. Thrives in chalk & bleak exposure; good windbreak.
Pinus nigra corsicana/maritima Pine, Corsican ND - - Large tree with straight main stem to the summit of the crown. More open and with fewer shorter more level branches than Austrian pine. Extensively used for forestry purposes and happy in almost any soil or situation.
Pinus parviflora Pine, Japanese white DD  36 -
Pinus peuce Pine, Macedonian DD  36 - Attractive, medium to large tree, narrow conical habit. Young shoots shining green and glabrous. Leaves in 5s, to 10cm long, beep blue-green with white inner surfaces, densely packed on branchlets. Cones to 15cm long.
Pinus pinaster/maritima Pine, Maritime SD - - Sparsely branched, medium tree. Thick reddish-brown/dark purple bark in small squares. Leaves in pairs, to 25cm long. Cones to 18cm, rich shining brown. Excellent for sandy soils. Important source of resin in W. France.
Pinus pinea Pine, Stone/Umbrella ND - - Distinctive small/medium tree, characteristic dense, flat-topped/umbrella-shaped head. Leaves in pairs, to 15cm. Cones stalked, to 15cm long, shining nut-brown. Seeds edible. Suitable for sandy soils & maritime areas.
Pinus ponderosa Pine, Western yellow PC - - Large striking tree; tall, clear trunk, scaly cinnamon bark and stout, spreading/drooping branches. Young shoots stout, orange-brown or greenish. Leaves in 3s, to 25cm long. Cones to 16cm, scales armed with small spike.
Pinus pumila Pine, Dwarf Siberian DD  18 - Usually a dwarf shrub of spreading growth. Leaves in 5s, to 7cm, blue-white on inner surfaces. Cones to 5cm long. Excellent for a heather garden or large rock garden.
Pinus radiata Pine, Monterey PC - - Large attractive tree; deeply fissured bark, dense head of branches. Leaves in 3s, to 15cm long. Cones to 15cm in whorls along branches, remain intact for years. Suits mild inland and coastal areas; withstands sea winds.
Pinus strobus Pine, Weymouth/White PC - - Large tree, conical habit when young, develops rounded head. Leaves in 5s, to 15cm long. Cones to 20cm long, flecked with resin. Ornamental habit, fast growth. Extensively planted by Lord Weymouth at Longleat, Wilts.
Pinus sylvestris Pine, Scots/Caladonian PC - Y Large tall-stemmed, occasionally low spreading, tree. Reddish young bark. Leaves in pairs, 3-10cm long, twisted, grey-green or blue-green. Cones to 7.5cm long. Truly wild stands only found in parts of N Scotland.
Pinus thunbergii Pine, Black PC - - Distinctive, splendid large tree; stout twisted branches. Leaves in pairs, 7-18cm long, rigid and twisted. Cones to 6cm long. Important timber tree in Japan. Useful windbreak in martime areas; grows in poor, sandy soils.
Pseudotsuga taxifolia/menziesii Fir, Douglas Oregon PC - - Fast-growing, large tree. Lower branches downswept, bark thick, corky, deeply furrowed on large trees. Leaves to 3cm, fragrant when crushed. Cones to 10cm. Important timber tree in UK and N. America.
Sciadopitys verticillata Pine, Umbrella DD  26 - Slow-growing, hardy tree, medium size. Usually a single trunk. Bark peels to reaveal red-brown new bark. Branches horizontal; clusters of rich, glossy foliage. Leaves in whorls like spokes of an umbrella. Attractive cones.
Sequoia sempervirens Redwood, Californian PC - - Very large (over 100m in wild) evergreen tree. Thick, fibrous, soft, spongy, reddish-brown outer bark. Branches slightly drooping, bearing 2-ranked, linear-oblong leaves, 1-2cm long. Cones 2-3cm, ripening the first season.
Sequoiadendron giganteum Wellingtonia/Tree, Big PC - - Very large tree. Deeply furrowed, reddish-brown bark. Older trees have widely spaced downswept branches. Leaves awl-shaped, 6-12mm long, spirally arranged. Coned ovoid, 5-7.5cm long. Some trees 2000 years old.
Taxodium distichum Cypress, Swamp PC - -
Taxus baccata Yew DD  70 Y Usually found in the wild on chalk formations. Small to medium tree or large shrub. Dark, almost black leaves, to 3cm long. Fruits with a red aril. Familiar resident of churchyards. Low, prostrate form.
Thuja occidentalis Arbor-vitae, American PC - - Hardy medium-sized tree. Reddish-brown peeling bark. Branches spreading, upcurved at the tips. Leaves in numerous flattened sprays; conspicuous resin glands. Fruity odour if crushed. Important timber tree in USA.
Thuja orientalis Arbor-vitae, Chinese PC - - Large shrub or small tree of dense, conical or columnar habit when young. Branches erect; leaves borne in frond-like, vertical sprays. Formal habit.
Thuja plicata Cedar, Western red PC - - Large fast-growing ornamental tree. Shredding bark; spreading branches. Leaves glossy green, in drooping sprays, fruity odour. Important timber tree in N America. Makes good hedge; tolerant of shade and chalk soil.
Tsuga heterophylla Hemlock, Western PC - - Large, fast-growing tree with gracefully spreading branches. Leaves to 20mm long, cones to 2.5cm long. Develops into an elegant tree with a spire-like crown. Not suitable for chalk soils, but tolerant of shade.
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