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Latin name English name LoD wks UK Description
Acacia melanoxylon Acacia, Blackwood L - - Large shrub with long, lance-shaped, dark green phyllodes and bright yellow flowers in spikes.
Acer argutum Maple DD 34 - Small tree with elegant, 5-lobed, pale green leaves.
Acer campestre Maple, Field DD 34 Y Medium sized tree, frequently used in headges. Foliage turns yellow in autumn.
Acer ginnala Maple, Amur DD 34 - Large shrub or small tree of vigorous spreading habit. Bright green, 3-lobed leaves turn orange/crimson in autumn.
Acer griseum Maple, Paperbark DD 50 - Beautiful small tree. Leaves trifoliolate, often red in autumn. Old bark flakes and curls to reveal underbark.
Acer negundo Elder, Box MD 20 - Fast-growing, bushy-headed, medium to large tree. Leaves are pinnate; bright green above, paler beneath.
Acer palmatum Maple, Japanese DD 34 - Large shrub or small tree with low, rounded head. Lobed leaves of a bright green.
Acer palmatum atrop dissectum Maple, Japanese DD 34 - Deep purple leaves are divided to the base into 5,7 or 9 pinnatifid lobes. Generally shrubby forming a dense, rounded bush.
Acer palmatum atropurpureum Maple, Japanese DD 34 - A striking colour form; leaves bronzy-crimson throughout summer, brilliant red in autumn.
Acer palmatum dissectum Maple, Japanese DD 34 - Green leaves are divided to the base into 5,7 or 9 pinnatifid lobes. Generally shrubby forming a dense, rounded bush.
Acer platanoides Maple, Norway MD 12 - Handsome, fast-growing tree of large size. Clusters of yellow flowers produced on bare stems in April; foliage yellow in autumn.
Acer pseudoplatanus Sycamore MD 12 - Picturesque, large tree; one of the best for exposed situations in any soil.
Acer rubrum Maple, Red/Canadian D - - Fast-growing, ultimately large tree. Palmate leaves turn red in autumn. Rarely colours well on chalky soils.
Acer saccharinum Maple, Silver ND - - Large ,fast growing tree with deeply 5-lobed leaves, silvery-white beneath.
Acer saccharum Maple, Sugar MD 12 - Ultimately large ornamental tree resembling the Norway maple. Autumn colour varies by individual.
Aesculus hippocastanum Chestnut, Horse ND - - Large ornamental tree with compound, palmate leaves and flowers in panicles. Provides conkers in autumn. Thives in any soil.
Ailanthus altissima Heaven, Tree of PC - - Large, imposing tree with distinct, ash-like leaves.
Alnus cordata Alder, Italian PC - - Medium to large conical tree for all types of soil. Bright green, glistening foliage.
Alnus glutinosa Alder, Common PC - Y Small to medium sized bushy tree with catkins in March.
Alnus incana Alder, Grey PC - - Exceptionally hardy tree or large shrub with leaves grey beneath. Ideal for cold or wet situations.
Alnus rubra Alder PC - - Medium sized, fast growing tree of graceful habit. In spring festooned with 10-15cm long male catikins.
Alnus viridis Alder, green PC - - Medium sized to large shrub forming a clump of long, erect, hazel-like stems.
Amelanchier canadensis Mespilus, Snowy MD 20 - Medium to large suckering shrub with tall, erect stems, oblong leaves and erect racemes. Grows well in moist situations.
Arbutus unedo Tree, Strawberry PC - - Small tree often of gnarled appearance when old, with deep brown, shredding bark. Withstands gales in coastal districts. Lime tolerant.
Berberis aggregata Barberry MD 20 - A dense bush, usually less than 1.5m high. Numerous, paniculate clusters of pale yellow flowers followed in autumn by masses of red berries, and rich colouration of leaves.
Berberis darwinii Barberry MD 20 - Early-flowering species, one of the finest of all flowering shrubs. Leaves 3-pointed, dark shining green above. Flowers orange in drooping clusters.
Berberis gagnepannii Barberry MD 20 - Small, dense shrub. Erect stems closely set with narrow, undulate leaves. Black berries. Forms impenetrable hedge.
Berberis julianae Barberry MD 20 - Excellebt, dense shrub, to 3m. Strong spiny stems; clusters of stiff, narrow, spine-toothed leaves. Yellow flowers in dense axillary clusters.
Berberis thunbergii Barberry MD 20 - Invaluable small shrub, compact in growth with brilliant autumn foliage and bright red berries.
Berberis thunbergii atropurpureum Barberry MD 20 - Foliage rich reddish-purple throughout spring and summer, increasing in intensity in autumn.
Berberis wilsonii Barberry MD 20 - Small shrub forming dense mounds of thorny stems. Small, sea-green leaves, coral fruit clusters.
Betula ermanii Birch PC - - Graceful, vigorous tree. Bright green heart-shaped leaves. Creamy-white and pinkish bark with brown lenticels.
Betula papyrifera Birch, Paper PC - - Striking, large tree with white, papery bark and yellow autumn foliage.
Betula pendula Birch, Silver PC - Y Medium sized, white stemmed tree, thriving in drier soils than B. pubescens. Rough shoots and sharply cut diamond-shaped leaves.
Betula pubescens Birch, Downy/White PC - Y Medium sized, white stemmed tree. Thrives on a variety of soil and in damp locations. Smooth downy shoots, rounded heart-shaped leaves.
Buddleia davidii Bush, butterfly ND - - Medium sized shrub. Fragrant flowers in long racemes are attractive to butterflies. Does well near the sea.
Buxus sempervirens Box, Common MD 16 Y Large shrub or small tree producing luxuriant masses of small, dark green leaves. Suitable for headging and topiary.
Calluna vulgaris Heather/Ling MD 20 Y Native shrublet found covering mountain and moorland, heaths and commons. Easily grown in lime-free soils, happier in full sun.
Caragana arborescens - L - - Small, shrubby tree. Leaves are even pinnate, pea-like flowers. A tough and accommodating plant, succeeding in exposed areas.
Carpinus betulus Hornbeam, Common DD 39 Y Recommended for single specimens and for hedging. Medium-sized to large tree with grey, fluted trunk and ovate, serrate, ribbed leaves.
Castanea sativa Chestnut, Sweet ND - - Fast-growing tree, ornamental in July with catkins. Can produce nuts in hot summers. Valuable timber tree, useful for coppicing.
Catalpa bignonoides Tree, Indian Bean ND - - Medium sized tree suitable for well drained soils. Flowers white with yellow and purple markings in July and August.
Celtis australis Tree, Nettle MD 13 - Fast growing small to medium sized tree. Broad lanceolate leaves, rough to the touch.
Celtis occidentalis Hackberry MD 13 - Medium-sized tree. Mature trees have rough, warted, corky bark and produce black fruits in profusion.
Cercis canadensis Redbud, North American L - - Small tree with broad, round head. Heart-shaped, thin leaves. Flowers; pale rose, pea flowers in May/June; not very free flowering in Britain.
Cercis siliquastrum Tree, Judas L - - Small tree with broad, rounded, heart-shaped leaves. Clustered rosy-lilac, pea flowers in May with pods from July.
Chaenomeles japonica Japonica/Ornamental Quince MD 18 - Beautiful, easily cultivated early spring-flowering shrub. Small shrub with bright orange-flame flowers followed by yellow fruit.
Chaenomeles lagenaria Japonica/Ornamental Quince MD 18 - Much-branched, spreading shrub of medium size. Easily cultivated
Clematis vitalba Joy, Travellers/Beard, Old mans MD 12 Y Rampant climber of headgrows, especially in chalk areas. Leaves pinnate. Small, greenish-white flowers followed by glistening silky seedheads.
Colutea arborescens Sennas, Bladder L - - Vigorous bush up to 4m high; pea flowers yellow in summer followed by distinctive seedpods.
Cordyline australis Tree, Cabbage - - - Small tree bearing several stout, ascending branches each crowned by a large, dense mass of sword-like leaves.
Cornus alba Dogwood, Red-barked MD 14 - Succeeds in wet or dry soil. Forms a thicket of stems up to 3m high. Young branches are rich red in winter. Fruits white.
Cornus alba siberica Dogwood, Red-barked, "Westonbirt" MD 14 - Forms a thicket of stems up to 3m high. Less robust, but with brilliant crimson winter shoots.
Cornus contraversa Dogwood DD 43 - Magnificent tree-like species. Sweeping tabulated branches with cream flowers in May, followed by black fruits and rich foliage.
Cornus florida Dogwood, American Flowering MD 14 - Large shrub or small, bushy tree. May flowering, each flowerhead has 4 conspicuous, white, petal-like bracts.
Cornus kousa Dogwood, Chinese Flowering MD 14 - Large, elegant shrub. Numerous flowers with white bract are poised on slender, erect stalks, covering branches in June. Fruits strawberry-like.
Cornus mas Cherry, Cornelian DD 39 - Large shrub or small, densely branched tree, producing small, yellow flowers on the naked twigs in February.
Cornus sanguinea Dogwood, Common DD 39 Y Native hedgerow species, greenish, red-flushed stems and rich purple autumn colour. Black, bitter tasting fruit.
Corylus avellana Hazel, Common MD 16 Y Large shrub or small, many-stemmed tree. Is draped with long, yellow catkins in February.
Corylus colurna Hazel, Turkish MD 16 - Remarkable large tree of very symmetrical pyramidal form. Striking, corky corrugations of bark.
Cotinus coggygria Tree, Smoke MD 13 - Shrub attaining 2.5-4m. Smooth, rounded green leaves giving good autumn tints. Fawn-coloured, plume-like inflorescences in June/July, turn smpky-grey by late summer.
Cotoneaster acutifolius Cotoneaster DD 39 - Medium-sized shrub with lax branches, pointed, dull green leaves and ellipsoid, red fruits.
Cotoneaster bullatus Cotoneaster DD 39 - Large shrub with handsome, large, conspicuously corrugated leaves, which colour richly in autumn. Bright red fruits early in the season.
Cotoneaster dielsianus Cotoneaster DD 39 - Elegant shrub of medium size, crowned with sub-globose, scarlet fruits and small leaves, brilliantly tinted in autumn.
Cotoneaster divaricatus Cotoneaster DD 39 - Medium-sized shrub. One of the best and most reliable for dark red autumn fruit, and foliage. Excellent for hedging.
Cotoneaster franchettii Cotoneaster DD 39 - Very graceful, medium-sized, semi-evergreen shrub with sage-green foliage and ovoid, orange-scarlet fruits.
Cotoneaster horizontalis Cotoneaster, Herringbone DD 39 - Low-growing shrub of spreading habit, with branches in a characteristic "herring-bone" pattern. Good for shady walls and covering banks. Fruit and leaves rich in colour in late autumn and winter.
Cotoneaster lacteus Cotoneaster DD 39 - Medium sized shrub, distinct in its large, oval, leathery leaves, grey tomentose beneath. Red fruit carried in broad clusters.
Cotoneaster microphyllus Cotoneaster DD 39 - A dwarf, stiff-branched, spreading shrub forming a low mound. Leaves elliptic to obovate, to 1cm long, rounded to notched at the apex. Tiny, white flowers followed by small, deep reddish-pink fruits.
Cotoneaster salicifolius Cotoneaster, Willow-leaved DD 39 - A variable evergreen, tall and graceful. Carries heavy crops of small, bright red fruits in autumn.
Cotoneaster simonsii Cotoneaster DD 39 - Semi-evergreen, erect shrub. Much used in plantations and for hedges. Fruits large, scarlet.
Crataegus crus-galli Thorn, Cockspur DD 39 - Widespreading, small, glabrous tree, with thorns up to 8cm long. Attractive in leaf, flower and fruit.
Crataegus monogyna Hawthorn, Quickthorn, May DD 39 Y Extensively planted as a hedge throughout Britain. White flowers in May, red fruits in autumn.
Crataegus oxycantha/laevigata Hawthorn, Midland DD 39 Y Less common than C. monogyna. Leaves are less deeply lobed, and flowers with usually 2 styles (usually 1 in C. monogyna). Flowers in May.
Cytissus alba Broom, White Spanish L - - Dwarf shrub with spreading, downy stems. White/cream flowers are borne in terminal heads in June and July.
Cytissus scoparius Broom, Common L - Y Medium-sized shrub. Pea-like flowers of rich butter-yellow in May. Lime tolerant and sun-loving.
Daphne mezereum Mezereon DD 39 - Small shrub with sweet-smelling, purple-red flowers in February and March. Scarlet fruit. Foliage often poor due to virus. Thrives in chalk.
Davidia involucrata Tree, Pocket-hankerchief,ghost MD 16 - Medium-sized tree draped in large, white bracts in May. Leaves densely hairy beneath but glabrous on young plants.
Elaeagnus angustifolia Oleaster MD/DD 8 to 30 - Large spiny shrub or small tree with fragrant flowers in June and silvery-grey, willow-like leaves. Silvery-amber, oval fruits.
Elaeagnus umbellata - DD 39 - Strong-growing, wide spreading shrub with yellowish-brown shoots and soft green leaves, silvery beneath. Unique in autumn with small, rounded, pale red fruits, speckled with white.
Eucalyptus citriodora Gum, Lemon-scented PC - - Large tree in wild with smooth white bark and very slender adult leaves. Lemon-scented foliage. Needs mild climate/conservatory.
Eucalyptus coccifera Gum, Mount Wellington Peppermint PC - - Large tree with striking glaucous leaves and stems, not apparent in young plants. Relatively hardy.
Eucalyptus dalrympleana Gum, Mountain PC - - Attractive, very fast growing, medium sized tree. One of the hardiest. Patchwork bark becomes white. Grey-green leaves, bronze when young.
Eucalyptus globulus Gum, Tasmanian blue PC - - In mild districts will make a large, noble tree. Large, blue-green leaves.
Eucalyptus gunnii Gum, Cider PC - - One of the best known, hardiest species. Leaves of adult are sickle-shaped, sage green; those of young trees are rounded silver-blue. Large tree, or excellent bush if pruned.
Eucalyptus johnstonii Gum, Yellow PC - - One of the hardier species. Large tree with reddish, peeling bark and bright, glossy, apple-green leaves.
Eucalyptus niphophila Gum, Snow PC - - A beautiful small tree of comparatively slow growth. Large, leathery, grey-green leaves. Trunk is green, grey and cream patchwork.
Eucalyptus nitens Gum, Silver top PC - - Vigorous, large tree with long, ribbon-like, glaucous leaves. Can be killed in hard winters.
Eucalyptus pauciflora Gum, Cabbage PC - - Small, high mountain tree, one of the hardiest. Sickle-shaped leaves up to 20cm long, white trunk.
Eucalyptus perriniana Gum, Spinning PC - - Small, silver-leaved tree producing white stems with dark blotches. Juvenile leaves rounded, mature leaves oblanceolate, glaucous.
Euonymus europaeus Spindle DD 39 Y Native hedgrow shrub, suitable for chalky soils. Vigorous, occasionally making a small tree, with green stems and an abundance of scarlet capsules, opening to reveal the orange coated seed.
Fagus sylvatica Beech, Common MD 12 Y Noble, large tree, also excellent for hedging. Rich golden-copper foliage in autumn. Given well drained soil will thrive in extremes of acidity and alkalinity; avoid heavy clay.
Fagus sylvatica atropurpureum Beech, Purple/Copper MD 12 - Large tree with large, dark purple leaves.
Fraxinus excelsior Ash, Common DD 34 Y Magnificent large tree, one of the most valuable for timber. Winter buds black.
Fraxinus ornus Ash, Manna DD 34 - Pretty, medium sized tree, flowering abundantly in May.
Gleditsia japonicum Locust L - - Graceful, medium-sized Japanese tree of somewhat pyramidal habit, trunk armed with branched spines. Fern-like leaves are composed of up to 30 small leaflets.
Gleditsia triacanthos Locust, Honey L - - Elegant, large tree with frond-like trees. Tolerant of industrially polluted atmosphere. Long, shining brown pea-pods.
Hamamelis japonica Hazel, Japanese witch DD 34 - Usually a large, spreading shrub with obovate leaves, becoming glabrous and shining. Small to medium flowers with twisted, crimpled petals appear from December to March. Rich autumn colour.
Hamamelis virginiana Hazel, American witch DD 34 - Large shrub, produces golden-yellow autumn tints and myriads of small to medium sized yellow flowers from September to November.
Hedera helix Ivy, Common ND - - Provides excellent groundcover and grows where little else will. Leaves of climbing shoots 3-5 lobed, those of flowering shoots ovate to rhomboidal, entire.
Hibiscus syriacus Mallow, Shrubby - - - Needs full sun to produce its large, trumpet-shaped flowers from July to October. Medium to large shrub of upright habit.
Hippophae rhamnoides Buckthorn, Sea MD 16 - Tall shrub, sometimes small tree, succeeds in almost any soil. Narrow silver leaves, orange berries in winter. Plant in groups of both sexes to obtain fruits.
Hypericum calycinum Sharon, Rose of PC - - Dwarf, evergreen shrub with large leaves and large, golden flowers. Excellent groundcover in dry and shaded places, but can become a weed.
Ilex aquifolium Holly, Common DD 64 Y Evergreen, small tree or large bush. Females produce red fruit. Excellent for hedgemaking and good in industrial and coastal areas.
Juglans nigra Walnut, Black MD 16 - Large, noble, fast growing tree with deeply furrowed bark and large leaves. Large, round fruit, generally in pairs.
Juglans regia Walnut, Common MD 16 - Slow-growing, medium-sized to large tree with rounded head. Timber is highly prized and valuable.
Juglans sieboldiana Walnut, Japanese MD 16 - Erect-growing tree of medium size with large, handsome leaves often as much a 1m long.
Kerria japonica - MD 16 - Graceful shrub up to 1.8m high. Arching branches are wreathed with rich yellow flowers, like large buttercups, in April and May.
Koelreuteria paniculata Tree, China, Golden Rain MD 14 - Very attracive, broad-headed tree, 9-12m high with pinnate leaves comprising 9-15 ovate leaflets. Large panicles of small yellow flowers in July and August, then bladder like fruits.
Laburnum alpinum Laburnum, Scotch L - - Small, broad-headed tree producing long, drooping racemes of fragrent flowers in early June. Leaves trifoliate, deep shining gree above. Pods flattened, glabrous, shining.
Laburnum anagyroides Laburnum, Common L - - Small tree flowering late May or early June, the drooping racemes crowded along the branches. Smaller, dull green leaves and rounder, adpressed, hairy pods.
Laurus nobilis Laurel, Bay DD 30 - Aromatic foliage. Dense, pyramidal, evergreen shrub or tree which stands clipping. Thrives in coastal regions where it will form good hedges. Subject to frost damage.
Lavandula angustifolia 'Hidcote' Lavender, English PC - - Compact form with narrow, grey-green leaves and stems from 60-80cm high. Violet flowers in dense spikes open in early July.
Lavandula angustifolia 'Munstead' Lavender, English PC - - Compact form with narrow, green leaves and stems from 60-75cm high. Lavender-blue flowers open in early July.
Lavandula stoechas Lavender, French PC - - Dwarf, intensely aromatic shrublet with narrow leaves. Dark purple flowers in dense terminal heads during summer. Requires warm, dry, sunny possition.
Lavandula stoechas pedunculata Lavender, French PC - - Shorter flower spikes on long peduncles.
Ligustrum vulgare Privet, Common MD 16 Y Partially evergreen, is seen in hedgrows and woodlands, particularly in chalk areas. Leaves lanceolate, dark green. Long clusters of shining black fruit in autumn.
Liquidamber styraciflua Gum, Sweet PC - - Beautiful large tree. Deeply 5-7 lobed, shining green leaves go crimson in autumn. Corky bark of older twigs often a feature in winter.
Liriodendron tulipifera Tree, Tulip MD 26 - Beautiful large tree with distinctive, oddly-shaped leaves which turn a rich butter-yellow in autumn. Tulip-shaped, yellow-green flowers on older trees in June and July.
Lonicera pericyclamen Honeysuckle, Common, Woodbine MD 20 - Found in hedrows and woods. Vigorous species which climbs or trails. Leaves ovate to oblong. Flowers purplish or yellowish, 4-5cm long, strongly, sweetly fragrant, in June to September. Berries red.
Lonicera tatarica Honeysuckle, Shrubby MD 20 - Vigorous shrub up to 3m, producing multitudes of pink flowers in May and June. Berries red.
Lonicera xylosteum Honeysuckle, Fly MD 20 - Shrub attaining about 3m with yellowish-white flowers. Attractive red berries in late summer.
Lupinus arboreus blue Lupin, Tree L - - Comparatively short-lived, more or less evergreen, fast growing shrub up to 2m. Flowers blue, delicately scented, produced in dense racemes continuously throughout summer.
Lupinus arboreus yellow Lupin, Tree L - - Comparatively short-lived, more or less evergreen, fast growing shrub up to 2m. Flowers yellow, delicately scented, produced in dense racemes continuously throughout summer.
Magnolia kobus Magnolia DD 25 - Very hardy, Japanese, small tree or large shrub. Slightly fragrant white flowers in April, when 12-15 yrs old. Excellent on all soils, including chalky.
Magnolia soulangeana Magnolia DD 25 - Large shrub with several widespreading stems. Flowers April to May before leaves; large, tulip-shaped, white, stained rose-purple at the base. Will tolerate clay soils and pollution; only moderatley lime tolerant.
Mahonia aquifolia Grape, Oregon MD 16 - Small shrub, valuable for underplanting or game cover. Leaves pinnate, polished green. Flowers rich yellow, in dense racemes, borne in terminal clusters, opening early spring; very decorative, black-blue berries.
Mahonia japonicum - MD 16 - Popular ornamental evergreen shrub. Magnificent deep green pinnate leaves and terminal clusters of long, pendent racemes of fragrant, lemmon-yellow flowers from late autumn to early spring.
Malus communis/sylvestris Apple, Common Crab MD 16 Y Small tree or large shrub. Leaves ovate to broad elliptic, shallowly toothed, glabrous at maturity. Flowers white followed by yellow-green or red-flushed fruits.
Morus alba Mulberry, White MD 16 - Small to medium sized tree of rugged appearance. Leaves heart-shaped or ovate-lanceolate, often up to 15cm wide. Fruits whitish, may go nearly black, edible.
Morus nigra Mulberry, Black MD 16 - Small, long-lived, architectural tree with a widespreading head, becoming gnarled and picturesque with age. Leaves heartshaped.
Nothofagus antartica Beech, Antarctic PC - - Elegant, fast-growing deciduous tree of medium size. Leaves small, rounded and heart-shaped, irregularly toothed, dark green and glossy, turning yellow in autumn.
Nothofagus cunninghamii Beech, Southern PC - - A rare, small, evergreen tree in mild gardens. Wiry shoots clothed with tiny, almost diamond-shaped, closely set, glabrous leaves.
Nothofagus dombeyi Beech, Southern PC - - Medium to large evergreen tree of vigorous habit. Leaves 2.5-4cm long, doubly toothed, dark shining green.
Nothofagus obliqua Beech, Robel PC - - Large, elegant, fast-growing tree forming a handsome specimen in a few years. Leaves broadly ovate or oblong, 5-8cm long, irregularly toothed, glabrous.
Nothofagus procera Beech, Southern PC - - Fast growing tree of large size, with comparatively large, prominently veined leaves, 4-10cm long. Usually gives rich autumn tints.
Ostrya carpinifolia Hornbean, Hop DD 39 - Round-headed medium size tree. Ovate double toothed leaves 8-13cm long, giving clear yellow autumn tints. Fruits 3.5-5cm long, each nutlet contained in flat, bladder-like husk. Numerous long catkins in spring.
Parthenocissus quinquifolia Creeper, Virginia MD 12 - Tall growing vine excellent for high walls, etc. Leaves composed of 5 oval to obovate stalked leaflets, dull green and glaucescent beneath, turning orange and scarlet in autumn.
Parthenocissus tricuspidata Ivy, Boston MD 12 - Vigorous, self-clinging vine. Variable leaves, broadly ovate and toothed. Crimson and scarlet in autumn. Fruits dark blue and bloomy.
Phellodendron amurense Tree, Amur cork PC - - Older trees have corky bark. Bright green leaves, 25-38cm long with 5-11 leaflets, and silvery-hairy winter buds.
Phormium tenax Flax, New Zealand PC - - Striking evergreen, forming clumps of rigid, leathery, somewhat glaucous, sword-like leaves from 1-3m in length.Grow in any fertile soil; tolerates sea wind and industrial pollution.
Platanus acerifolius Plane, London PC - - Large, noble park tree with attractive flaking bark and large palmate leaves. Rounded, bur-like fruit clusters produced in strings of 2-6 and hang like baubles from early summer. Tolerant of atmospheric pollution.
Populus alba Poplar, White ND - - Large, suckering tree with white-wooly undersurfaces of leaves. Leaves variable in shape, some ovate and irregularly lobed, other larger and distinctly 3-5 lobed. Excellent in exposed sites, particularly coastal.
Populus canescens Poplar, Grey ND - Y Medium sized to large suckering tree. Mature trees have attractive creamy-grey trunk. Leaves variable, rounded or deltoid, dentate and slightly toothed, grey-tomentose beneath. Decorative male catkins in winter.
Populus nigra Poplar, Black ND - - Lage, heavy-branched tree with burred trunk and glabrous twigs. Leaves thomboid to ovate, slender-pointed, bright, shiny green.
Populus tremula Aspen ND - Y Medium sized suckering tree. Leaves prominently toothed, late in appearing and going clear butter-yellow in autumn. Leaves tremble in slightest breeze. Catkins long and grey in late winter or early spring.
Prunus avium Cherry, Wild. Gean DD 29 Y Medium-large tree. Smooth grey bark: mahogany-red, peeling and deeply fissured with age. White cup-shaped flowers in clusters with leaves in April/May. Small shiny fruits, red-purple. Autumn foliage crimson.
Prunus domestica institia Bullace. Damson MD 16 - Small tree with occasional spiny, brownish, pubescent branches and small, white flowers in early spring. Fruits rounded, purple, red, green or yellow.
Prunus laurocerasus Laurel, Cherry DD 20 - Vigorous, widepreading, evergreen shrub attaining 6m or more in height and across. Leaves large, leathery, dark shining green. Good for screening or game cover.
Prunus lusitanica Laurel, Portugese - - - Large, evergreen shrub or small-medium sized tree. Leaves ovate, dark green with reddish petioles. Flowers small, white on slender racemes in June. Hardier than cherry laurel. Happy even on shallow chalk soil.
Prunus mahaleb Cherry, St Lucie DD 29 - Attractive, small to medium sized tree of spreading or rounded habit, smothered with small, white, fragrant blossoms in late April and early May.
Prunus myrobalana Myrobalan, Cherry plum DD 29 - Small tree with greenish young shoots. Small, white flowers crowd twigs in March. Mature trees may bear red cherry-plums. Excellent dense hedging shrub.
Prunus padus Cherry, Bird DD 24 Y Small to medium sized tree. Flowers small, white, almond-scented, produced in slender racemes in May.
Prunus persica Peach DD 29 - Small, bushy tree or large shrub with pale pink flowers, 2.5-4cm wide in early April. Has fleshy, juicy fruits.
Prunus serotina Cherry, American Bird DD 29 - Small to medium sized tree. Attractive, glossy leaves turn clear yellow in autumn. Flowers white, in racemes up to 15cm long, produced during May to June.
Prunus spinosa Blackthorn.Sloe DD 29 Y Large dense shrub or small bushy tree. Dark, spiny branches crowded in March/April with small white flowers. Fruit blue-bloomy then shining black. Found in hedges; fruits used in preserves, wine, flavouring gin.
Pterocarya fraxinifolia Wingnut DD 29 - Large widespreading tree. Short trunk, furrowed bark. Leaves composed of numerous oblong, toothed leaflets. Green flowers in catkins drape branches. Winged fruit. Hardy, fast growing, happy in moist loam soil.
Pyracantha coccinea Firethorn DD 29 - Large shrub with narrowly obovate or oval, finely toothed leaves. Flowers, in downy corymbs, in June. Rich red fruit in dense clusters along branches.
Pyrus communis Pear MD 16 - Medium sized tree with oval or rounded, glossy green leaves which often give rich autumn tints. Branches smothered in blossom in April.
Quercus cerris Oak, Turkey ND - - Large tree, excellent on chalky soils and in maritime exposure. Leaves oval or oblong, coarsely toothed or shallowly lobed. Winter buds and acorn cups have long, narrow, downy scales.
Quercus ilex Oak, Evergreen. Holm oak ND - - Large tree. Corrugated bark; rounded head of branches. Leathery leaves, glossy green above, grey-downy beneath; entire or toothed, variable shape and size. Thrives in all well drained soil, suits coastal planting.
Quercus palustris Oak, Pin ND - - Free-growing, large, dense-headed tree with slender branches drooping gracefully at their extremities. Leaves deeply and sharply lobed, shining green on both surfaces. Often turn scarlet in autumn.
Quercus petraea Oak, sessile. Durmast oak ND - Y Large, native species, more suited to damp soils than Qercus robur. Rather large, long-stalked leaves with sessile fruits. Good for maritime exposure.
Quercus robur Oak, English. Common oak ND - Y Large, long-lived tree, developing a broad head of rugged branches when growing in the open. Leaves sessile, shallowly lobed and auricled at the base. Fruits one to several on a slender stalk.
Quercus rubra/borealis Oak, Red ND - - Large, fast-growing broad-headed tree, has reached heights over 30m. Large, oval or obovate, lobed leaves turn red then red-brown before falling.
Rhamnus cathartica Buckthorn, Common DD 34 Y Large, native shrub or small tree; a common hedge or woodland shrub on chalk. Spiny branches laden with shining black fruits in autumn.
Rhamnus frangula Buckthorn, Alder DD 34 Y Large shrub or small tree with ovate leaves turning yellow in autumn. Fruits red, changing to black.
Rhododendron ponticum Rhododendron, Common ND - - Commonest Rhododendron in the British Isles where it has become naturalised. Large shrub with mauve to lilac-pink flowers in May and June. Good for shelter belts and hedges.
Rhus typhina Sumach, Stag's-horn DD 36 - Widespreading sparsely-branched small tree/large shrub. Gaunt flat-topped appearance. Thick branches covered with dense hairs when young. Large leaves; orange/purple in autumn. Clusters of crimson fruit.
Robinia pseudoacacia Acacia, False L - - Large suckering tree; oriental appearance. Bark rugged, deeply furrowed, twigs with spiny stipules. White flowers in long racemes attractive to bees; pods smooth. Thrives in well drained soil; tolerant of pollution.
Rosa arvensis Rose, Field DD 39 Y Trailing/climbing species forms dense mounds/drapes of slender stems. Leaves with 5-7 green leaflets persist late into winter. White flowers 4-5cm across; fruits dark red. Common in woodlands and hedgrows.
Rosa canina Rose, Cog DD 39 Y Familiar native rose of hedgebanks and downs. A medium sized to large shrub with strong prickly stems and leaves with 5-7 leaflets. White or pink, scented flowers 4-5cm across. Bright red fruits .
Rosa moyesii Rose DD 39 - Medium-sized to large, erect-branched shrub of loose, open habit with few-prickled stems and leaves with 7-13 leaflets. Flowers rich blood-crimson, 7cm across in June and July. Large bright crimson fruits.
Rosa rubiginosa/eglanteria Briar, Sweet DD 39 Y Strong-growing, medium sized shrub with stout, erect, densely prickly stems. Aromatic leaves composed of 5-7 rounded leaflets and clear pink, fragrant flowers 3-4cm across. Bright red fruits last well into winter.
Rosa rubrifolia/glauca Rose DD 39 - Ornamental species forming a medium-sized shrub with reddish-violet stems. Foliage glaucous purple in sun, greyish-green with mauve tinge in shade. Flowers clear pink, 2.5-5cm across, followed by red fruits.
Rosa rugosa Rose, Ramanas DD 39 - Strong-growing shrub. Stout prickly stems, 2m high. Leaves up to 18cm long; 5-9 oblong, veined leaflets. Fragrant flowers, 8cm, purple/rose, then bright red fruits 2.5cm across. Excellent hedging.
Rosa rugosa alba Rose DD 39 - Flowers white, blush-tinted in bud. Very vigorous. Exceptional in fruit.
Rosa rugosa rubra Rose DD 39 - Flowers wine-crimson, fragrant. Fruits large and conspicuous.
Rosa spinosissima Rose, Scotch, Burnett DD 39 - Small, native suckering shrub producing dense low thickets of slender, erect stems with tiny prickles. Leaves; 5-9 deep green and glabrous leaflets. Small white/pale pink flowers; rounded shining black fruits.
Rubus fruticosa Bramble. Blackberry MD 20 Y Common, scrambling native found in every type of soil and situation. Very variable; all with prickles.
Salix alba Willow, White ND - Y Large, elegant tree, conical habit. Found in water meadows/riversides and in sand by sea. Slender branches drooping at the tips. Lanceolate, silky-hairy leaves in billowy masses. Slender catkins in spring.
Salix capraea Willow, Goat. Great Sallow ND - Y Common native with large, yellow male catkins in spring. Female has silver catkins and is known as Pussy Willow. Large shrub or small tree with stout twigs and oval or obovate leaves.
Salix cinerea Sallow, Grey ND - Y Large shrub or small tree. Stout, pubescent twigs and obovate leaves. Catkins appear before leaves in early spring.
Salix fragilis Willow, Crack ND - Y Large tree, widespreading branches, often growing by rivers. Bark rugged, twigs brittle at their joints. Leaves lanceolate, glabrous, sharply toothed, glossy dark green. Slender catkins appear with leaves in spring.
Salix viminalis Osier, Common ND - Y Large, shrub/small tree. Long, straight shoots thickly grey-tomentose when young. Leaves long and narrow, dull green above, silvery hairs beneath. Catkins appear before leaves. Common by rivers and marshes.
Sambucus nigra Elder, Common DD 39 Y Familiar large shrub or small tree with rugged, fissured bark and leaves with 5-7 leaflets. Flattened heads of cream-coloured flowers in June, followed by heavy bunches of shining black fruits used in wine-making.
Sambucus racemosa Elder, Red-berried DD 39 - Medium sized to large shrub. Leaves with 5-7 coarsely toothed leaflets. Flowers yellowish-white in conical heads in April, followed by dense clusters of bright scarlet fruit. Planted as game cover.
Sophora japonica Tree, Japanese pagoda L - - Medium sized to large tree or rounded habit. Leaves up to 30cm long, composed of 9-15 leaflets. Creamy-white pea-flowers produced in large, terminal panicles during late summer and autumn on older trees.
Sorbus aria Whitebeam MD 16 Y Small/medium sized tree. Leaves oval, greyish-white then bright green above, white-tomentose beneath. Gold/russet in autumn. Bunches of deep crimson fruits. Familiar on chalk; good for windswept or maritime.
Sorbus aucuparia Rowan. Mountain ash MD 16 Y Familiar small/medium tree, with greyish-downy winter buds. Leaves pinnate with 11-19 sharply toothed leaflets. Fruits bright red, in large dense bunches, quickly eaten. Easily grown; tolerant of extreme acidity.
Sorbus intermedia Whitebeam, Swedish MD 16 - Small-medium tree. Dense, rounded head of branches. Leaves ovate-broad elliptic, lobed in lower half, coarsely toothed above. Dark green and glossy above, grey-tomentose beneath. Fruit, orange-red bunches.
Sorbus torminalis Tree, Wild Service MD 16 Y Medium tree; ascending branches spread with age. Scaly bark. Twigs woolly when young. Leaves ovate, sharply lobed. Dark green above, pubescent beneath, turning bronzy-yellow in autumn. Fruit russet-brown.
Spartium junceum Broom, Spanish L - - Strong growing shrub of loose habit. Erect green rush-like stems to 3m. Leaves small, inconspicuous. Fragrant yellow pea-flowers 2.5cm long, borne in loose terminal racemes through summer and early autumn.
Styrax japonica Snowbell MD 16 - Beautiful large shrub/small tree. Wide-spreading fan-like branches often drooping at the slender tips. Leaves ovate-narrowly oblong, acuminate. White, bell-shaped flowers coat undersides of branches in June.
Symphoricarpu alba Snowberry DD 39 - Small shrub with slender, erect, downy shoots forming dense clumps. Leaves oval to ovate-oblong, downy beneath, lobed on suckering shoots. Berries globose or ovoid, 12mm across, white.
Syringa vulgaris Lilac, Common MD 16 - Large, vigorous shrub or small tree of suckering habit. Leaves ovate or heart-shaped. Flowers richly scented, lilac, borne in dense, erect, pyramidal panicles in May.
Tilia cordata Lime, Small-leaved DD 39 Y Medium-large tree. Leaves heart-shaped, 5-7.5cm long. Leathery glossy dark green above, pale green with reddish axillary tufts beneath. Spreading inflorescences in July. Ivory coloured flowers, sweetly scented.
Tilia platyphyllos Lime, Large-leaved DD 52 Y Large, vigorous, rounded tree with downy shoots. Leaves roundish-ovate, sharply toothed, shortly pubescent above, densely so beneath. Flowers in June or July. Common in parks.
Tilia tormentosa Lime, Silver DD 52 - Handsome stately tree. Branches erect, pendent at tips, shoots white-felted. Leaves shortly-stalked, ovate-orbicular, sharply toothed, dark green above, silvery-white-tormentose beneath. Flowers toxic to bees.
Ulex europaeus Gorse, Common L - Y Densely-branched, green, viciously spiny shrub. 1.2-1.8m high, more in sheltered or shady sites. Chrome-yellow pea-flowers crowd branches from March to May.
Ulmus glabra Elm, Wych ND - Y Large tree developing domed crown with spreading branches. Leaves large and rough. Fruits crowd the branches in early spring. Excellent for exposed situations inland and along the coast.
Vaccinium myrtillus Bilberry. Blaeberry. Whortleberry. MD 16 Y Familiar on heaths and moorland. Forms dense patch of slender, bright green stems. Leaves ovate, finely toothed. Flowers globular, greenish-pink in leaf axils from late April-June; berries bloomy, black, edible.
Vaccinium vitis idaea Cowberry MD - Y Dwarf creeping evergreen shrub. Leaves small, glossy green above, paler beneath. White bell-shaped flowers in short, terminal racemes June-August. Red, edible, acid berries. Excellent ground-cover in shade.
Viburnum lantana Tree, Wayfaring DD 34 Y Large shrub. Familiar hedgrow plant on chalk downs of S. England. Leaves broadly ovate may turn dark crimson in autumn. Flowers creamy-white, May to June. Oblong fruits which mature from red to black.
Viburnum opulus Rose, Guelder DD 52 Y Large spreading shrub. Maple-like leaves colour richly in autumn. Flattened flowerheads edged with white florets in June-July. Red, translucent fruits. Familiar in hedgrows/woods, particularly in wet situations.
Viburnum tinus Laurustinus DD 34 - Evergreen shrub; makes attractive hedge. Dark glossy green oval leaves. Flattened cymes of white flowers, late autumn-early spring. Fruits ovoid, metallic-blue then black. Tolerant of shade & maritime exposure.
Wisteria sinensis (blue) Wisteria, Chinese L - - Noble climber, reaching 18-30m in a suitable tree. Leaves with 9-13 elliptic leaflets. Fragrant, mauve or deep lilac flowers, 2.5cm long, carried on racemes 20-30cm long before the leaves. Seedpods velvety.
Zelkova serrata Keaki PC - - Medium tree; graceful, widespreading habit forms rounded crown. Smooth grey, later flaky bark. Attractive, ovate to ovate-lanceolate leaves, 5-12cm long with slender-pointed coarse teeth. Bronze/red in autumn.
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