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Alder / Common Alder

A small bushy tree that produces pretty yellow catkins in spring. Its shiny green leaves are retained late into the autumn. It has an attractive smooth dark grey bark.
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Alder Buckthorn

A large deciduous shrub or small tree with ovate green leaves that turn an attractive yellow in autumn. Tiny green/cream flowers in June attract masses of bumble and honeybees and are honeyscented....

Alpine Ash

Common Name: Alpine Ash , White Top

Alpine Ash/White Top

A very tall straight evergreen, used as a timber tree, but decorative. Juvenile leaves are round and pinkish bronze, mature leaves are narrow, grey blue and elongated. Unlike other Eucalypts, does not...

Alpine Currant

A small neat and densely twiggy deciduous shrub which makes a good hedge. Its small flowers are greenish yellow and its berries are red. It is very tolerant of shade.
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Alpine Yellow Gum

Medium to large, hardy, evergreen tree. Grown as single or multistem. Crimson new shoots, red edged juvenile foliage and fresh green leaves. Grey bark with yellow and blue patches. Leaves have a...

American Dwarf Rose

A small growing, suckering rose ideal for hedging. Small cerise pink, single flowers in July and August. Vibrant yellow autumn colour and red, pumpkin-shaped hips into the winter.

American Redbud

A small tree with a compact round head. The pale rose coloured flowers are pea like resulting in a flat pod in autumn. It can be shy of flowering in temperate maritime climates such as is found in the...

Amur Cork Tree

A small to medium sized tree with a corky bark. The leaves are 24 to 38 cm long and made up of 5 to 11 leaflets. The winter buds are silvery and silky. Important in Chinese herbal medicine.

Amur Maple

A deciduous shrub or small tree with a vigorous spreading growth habit. The 3 lobed leaves turn crimson and orange in winter. It produces fragrant white flowers in late spring.
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