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Arizona Cypress

This species is becoming common and is increasingly planted as a hedgerow. The grey-green leaves have the aroma of grapefruit when crushed.

Arolloa / Swiss Pine

A small slow growing tree with an almost columnar habit and purple / blue cones. The densely arranged dark blue green needles are blue-white on the inner surface. Resistant to white pine blister rust...
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Atlas Cedar

The Atlas Cedar is one of the most planted of the decorative conifers. Its long grey-green leaves cover the branches thickly. Branches become horizontal with age.
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Austrian Pine

A commonly planted evergreen conifer with a dense head of large branches. The best suited of all the pines to chalky or lime rich soils.

Balsam Fir

Balsam Fir is a medium sized tree with long leaves and a balsam scent. The cones are a purple / violet colour when young. Primarily grown for pulp and biomass.
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Bhutan Pine

The Bhutan Pine ia an elegant, large, broad headed tree with 20cm long drooping needles arranged in fives. The banana shaped cones are up to 25cm long.

Bishop Pine

A classic medium sized conifer with a dense flat head of branches. The cones can remain unopened on branches for up to 40 years.
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Black Spruce

This is a medium sized tree with dark blue green leaves which are densely packed on the upper surfaces of the branchlets.
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Bournemouth / Maritime Pine

This is a medium sized sparsely branched tree with an orange-brown bark. It is excellent on sandy soils and in seaside districts. Turpentine is produced from the resin.

Brewers Weeping Spruce

This is one the most beautiful of all the spruces. Graceful branchlets hang from long branches like slender tails and it produces purple cones.
from £1.99
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