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Black Walnut Seedlings

Handsome trees which eventually grow very large indeed. Difficult to grow from seed, but once germinated, grows fast in the first few years, then slows down. Large pinnate leaves with lots of...


Ginkgo seedlings

Grows into a fine, narrowly conical tree with fresh green deciduous foliage

Holly Seedlings

Grown from British holly berries, these seedlings are ideal for filling gaps in established hedges, especially Hawthorn, Beech and Blackthorn, adding an evergreen element. Need growing on in a...

Japanese Pagoda Tree seedlings

Graceful, delicate foliage and creamy white pea-like flowers eventually bloom on this interesting tree/shrub. Needs a sheltered spot. Ideal for bonsai. Seedlings sent without the pot. Approx 8cm tall

Purple Beech Seedlings

Seedlings. 10cm tall. Limited availability

Stone Pine seedling

The Stone Pine is known for the edible seed it produces - used in Italian cooking. The tree requires a sheltered spot and is slow growing. Possibly best in a large pot. An ornamental shape and colour...

Windmill Palm

Tiny seedlings have finally emerged from the pea-like seeds. Needing a bit of TLC! Very limited availability.
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