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Oxeye Daisy Plug (min. 6 plugs)

Plugs of 30mm x 30mm x 40mm. Ideal for planting into established meadows, or for wildflower/herbaceous borders. Quick to root through and should flower in the early summer. Being perennial, the plants...

Teasel Plugs (min.6 plugs)

Spikey leaf rosettes throw tall stems of thistle like flowers in summer, followed by decorative, prickly seed heads. Planting plugs gives a good chance of establishment in hedgerows or...

White Campion Plugs (6 plugs min.)

Startling white flowers in summer, found in woodland edges, roadsides sand wasteland. Large plugs (30x30 40mm) with more than one seedling, aid quick establishment. As a perennial wildflower, it will...

Ragged Robin Plugs (6 Plugs min.)

Large plugs (30x30x40mm) of this lovely pink perennial of damp places. Best in semi-shade. More than one seedling in the plug.

Cowslip Plugs (min. 6 plugs)

More than one seedling in these large plugs(30x30x40mm). Yellow spring flowers, delicately scented. Best planted in shorter grass, in dampish areas, although tolerant of almost anything. Increases...

Common Knapweed Plugs (min. 6 plugs)

Established plants produce masses of purple flowers in summer. Well visited by bees and other insects. A sunny spot preferred. Perennial and tough. Large plugs (30x30x40mm)


Field Scabious Plug (min. 6 plugs)

Sky blue flowers on waving stems. This perennial is very attractive to bees and is a good cottage garden plant. Large plugs (30x30x40mm) will establish quickly and increase year on year.

Betony Plugs (min. 6 plugs)

Large plugs (30 x 30 x 40mm) of this purple flowered, bee friendly perennial. Flower spikes produced from June to September and the plant will grow in most conditions except dense shade and very...

Sand Leek Plugs (min. 6 plugs)

A naturalised strong smelling perennial onion that produces flower heads 60cm tall in summer. These are a mix of purple flowers and green/purple bulbils. Flat leaves can be used in cooking...

Primrose plugs (minimum 6 plugs)

The true wild primrose of wood edges and hedge bottoms.
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