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Alder Cones

Decorative, black, dried cones

Christmas Tree Seed Packet

1gm (approx. 14 seeds) of Abies nordmanniana, Non-Drop Christmas Tree seed, with sparkly bits too! A very different Stocking Filler! Full sowing instructions given.

Fine Grade Vermiculite

A naturally occurring mica-like mineral

Meadow in a Bag

A small hessian bag containing seed enough for 10-12sq. metres of traditional meadow.

Meadow in a Bag

25gm of seed harvested from Shropshire Meadows. A wildflower rich mix containing approx. 90% perennial wildflower and 10% fine grass seed. Presented in a small hessian gift bag with tie on label....

Party Boxes/Wedding Favours

A lovely small gift to go in a Party Bag or given as Wedding Favours

school pack

A useful educational kit, relevant to many parts of the curriculum

Scots Pine Cones

Popularly used in Christmas wreaths, swags and decorations, craft work and pot-pourri. 3-6cm diameter cones, clean and dry.

Sitka Spruce Cones

Copper brown decorative cones 4-8 cm long, look prickly but are not. Extensively used for Christmas Wreaths, swags and decorations. Easy to wire for floristry and crafts. Resinous scent.
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