SquareMetre Meadow

In a project designed to illustrate the ways a wildflower meadow can be established in a patch of any size, in any small garden, a strip of land has been weed-killed with glyphosate and is in the process of being turned over with a fork. The soil looks most unpromising which is not a bad thing for wildflowers.


Forking over, raking and sowing at the beginning of May, in a rare dry, sunny spell. The first patch sown with the Annual Cornflower mix which consists of Cornflower, Poppy, Corn Marigold, Corn Cockle and Corn Chamomile (blue, red yellow pink/purple and white)



Rabbit Attack, digging and scraping, but the wildflower seedlings are still appearing.


The next plot in the  SquareMetre wildflower meadow has been sown with  a 50%meadow grass 50%wildflower mixture. It is a bit late in the spring, but the season has been very slow with low temperatures at night etc. and very wet ground. Hopefully the seed will germinate. The mixture includes wildflowers such as Oxeye Daisy, Ribwort, Meadow Buttercup, Sneezewort, Rough Hawkbit and about 15 other native perennials.

27.05.16  The third plot has been sown with a 50% meadow grass 50% wildflower mixture, as in the second plot, but has had various perennial wildflower plugs added. The plugs were gently tossed on and planted where they fell, for a natural effect. Ragged Robin, Cowslip, Common Knapweed, Field Scabious, Oxeye Daisy and Teasel.   







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