Hard Graft

The grafting season is upon us. Forestart are in the process of grafting some conifers, cherry, aspen, birch and sweet chestnut. The aim is to grow seed orchards of very wide genetic variation. The scions(top bits) are selected from 'plus' trees all round the country, to be as diverse as possible. The seeds finally produced from the orchards will show this same diverse heritage. They will produce the next generation of conifers and broadleaves and should show gains in growth between 5 and 20%, decreasing the production/cropping time and increasing the value and quality of the timber finally produced.



older Sweet Chestnut           Cherry from this year               One year Aspen       Birch about to be attached
                                                                                                                     to the warm water system
Grafts tend to heal and bind together more quickly, therefore with less risk of disease, if kept warm. 
But the rootstock and the upper part of the scion need to be cold. By attaching the plant to a warm
water pipe system in the graft area, this can be achieved.

















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